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happy to have u.s. companies to come and take part. this is an afghan tradition that those who are doing something for us, we are willing to pay them back over time. the support we have received from u.s. taxpayers, this is the time that they should come participate in afghanistan. economic growth for their benefit, for the benefit of the people of afghanistan. we know the technologies that you have a common -- have, and business ethics, and the code of conduct that you have and considering the environment is something that other companies from other parts of the world, their standards compared to those of u.s. companies is something that we notice.
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that is why i work with u.s. companies to get them more information, and encourage them to come and get the benefit of those resources that are there. host: stemming from the president's announcement, there were announcements that a bulk of the pullout what -- would come during what is known as the fighting period. is that a concern? guest: it is a concern, yes. 33,000 troop withdrawal based on the assessment from the military experts came up with that conclusion. as i said, our national security forces are in position to take the lead gradually. we are hopeful that by 2014 we
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should complete the transition process. host: when that happens, how does the country in vision relations with pakistan, especially along the borders and with concerns about safe-haven? guest: safe havens, unfortunately, it is a fact that now everyone enologist. this is something we have been saying for the last 10 years or so. our president has still insisted on this. unless you are dealing with the safe haven, which is the root cause, no matter when you do in afghanistan. we will not get the objectives that we are both looking for. this is a problem, but the good news is we have had a constructive dialogue with
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pakistani government and also with other relevant authorities in pakistan to come up with a reconciliation program, something that we can both benefit from, to be an honest partner for the fight. host: for those discussions foster and all by the death of t osama bin laden? guest: even before that, we had started that discussion. now, after the death of bin laden, which was a great success for the afghan people and our partners, that created a unique environment for the reconciliation and everyone
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should take it very seriously. we should be honest with our own people, with our partners to get >> tomorrow on "washington journal," and look at the latest developments in congress and the 2012 presidential campaign. also, a discussion on what is happening in egypt and the middle east. later, we will chat with john celok about his book, next generation. that is at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. -- that is at 7:00 a.m. eastern
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on c-span. >> this week, the budget deficit and reducing government spending was a focus of the weekly addresses. president obama it is followed by senator dan coats with a republican address. he called for a passage of a balanced budget amendment and said it the nation should look to his state for the hoosier of solving the nation's fiscal problems. >> right now, there are a lot of folks still struggling with the effects of the recession. layoffs,orried about expenses. they're not sure of that could help their kids pay for college. for many families, these challenges were around long before the recession is it in 2007. i ran for president because i believed in an america where ordinary folks could get ahead, or if you worked hard, you could have a better life. that has been my for this since i came in office and that is our focus now.
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it is one of the reasons we're working to reduce the nation's deficits. the government has to start living within its means. we have to cut the spending that we cannot afford to put the economy on a sounder footing and give our business is the confidence they need to grow and create jobs. the good news democrats and republicans agree on the need to solve the problem. over the last few weeks, the vice president and i have gotten both parties to identify more than one trillion dollars in spending cuts. after a decade in which washington ran up the country's credit card, we have to find more savings to get out of the red. that means looking at every program and tax break in the budget. every single one. to find places to cut waste and save money. it means we have to start making tough decisions, scaled back where appropriate, and nothing is off limits, including spending and the tax code.
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particularly to the polls that benefit very few individuals and corporations -- particularly the loopholes that benefit very few individuals and corporations. if we choose to keep those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, or oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits, we have to make even deeper cuts somewhere else. we have to say twisted and, you don't get a college scholarship. we have to say to a medical researcher, you cannot do that cancer research. we might have to tell seniors you have to pay more for your medicare. that is not right or smart. we have to cut the deficit, but we can do that while making investments in education and research and technology that actually create jobs. we can live within our means will still investing in our future. that is what we have to do. i am confident the democrats and republicans in congress it can find a way to give ground. make tough choices.
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and put their shoulders to the wheel to get this done for the sake of the country. on monday, we celebrate independence day, the day we declared a new nation based on a revolutionary idea that people ought to determine their own destiny. that freedom and self governance when that gets handed to us by kings or emperors' but the rights of every human being. we have learned in the year since that democracy is not always pretty. we have arguments, we disagree. at a time and again, we have proven we can come together to solve problems. we remember that while we may not see eye on everything, which share a love for this country and faith in its future. that is the spirit we need to harness now. that is how we will meet this challenge and that is how we will reach a brighter day. thank you for listening, and have a wonderful fourth of july. >> hello, i'm dan coats, and i
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have the honor of representing the people of indiana in the state senate. our founding fathers risk their lives and signed a document announcing the birth of america. their break declaration of freedom change the course of history and revolutionized the world. our founding fathers severed the chains of terror need to provide a land of opportunity for future generations -- a severed the chains of tyranny. this generational responsibility is the story of america. today, we must ask ourselves, we continue this tradition? will we leave behind a more prosperous country for our children? when i retired from the senate 12 years ago, i felt confident that my children and grandchildren would have the opportunity to pursue the american dream. quality education, home ownership, and a good-paying job to support a family. over the past few years, i saw that dream become ever-tougher
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for americans to reach. i returned the senate for one reason, i refuse to stand on the sidelines. i refuse to be part of the first generation to leave behind a country in worse shape than the one we inherited. the american people understand the air to see of our fiscal crisis. they want their elected officials to stop spending money we don't have. to select policies that will grow our economy and that americans back to work. unfortunately, president's economic plan of spending and borrowing has failed. over the past two years, but that has skyrocketed 35% -- debt has skyrocketed. the annual deficit is three times greater than the highest levels of the previous administration. today, nearly 14 million americans are without work. if these numbers are not alarming enough, the president should consider the numerous warnings from the financial markets here and abroad. the eyes of the world are fixed
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on the u.s. to see if we have the political courage and moral sense to solve our debt crisis. the president and democrats in congress must recognize that their game plan is not working. it is time to acknowledge that more government and higher taxes is not the answer to our problems. it is time for a bolder action and a new plan to redress our current crisis. but for inspiration, they should look outside of washington, and there is no better playbook for getting on the right track than the one used in indiana. the hoosier way is simple, we work hard and live within our means. we understand that you cannot spend more money than you take in. when our state fell off course, a leader stepped up with solutions to spearhead trade in the people of indian respond. the governor, like the president, inherited a weak economy. it into a dozen 5, indiana faced
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a deficit and had trailed -- in 2005, india faced a deficit and had failed to pass a balanced budget in several years. they cut taxes and pay down their debt. thanks for governor's leadership, our state is now the most attractive place to do business in the midwest. the spend less, borrow less, and tax less model of the and it is resulting in job creation and aaa credit rating and contracts to spend more, borrow more, and tax more from the president has resulted in less jobs, higher debt, and threaten to bring down credit rating agencies. the indiana model is the first to repairing the country's finances. this week, every senate republican took that step by committing to a balanced budget amendment and the u.s. constitution. the speaker of the house is
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committed to bringing it to a vote later this month. the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell has committed to fighting for a vote in the senate as well. growth or balance, that is the choice before us. some doubt our ability to overcome this fiscal crisis. but the problem we face is not insurmountable. we have overcome major challenges in the past. times of trial have always produced moments of great leadership that rally the american people. now is the time for decisive leadership from this president. it is time to cast aside the fall safety of political the nile and reelection hopes and put the future of our country above all else. on july 4, 1776, our founding fathers put their honor and lives on the line to break from oppression and create a republic that the values individual rights of freedom and liberty.
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it is not only our duty but moral obligation to break from the oppression of debt and strengthen our country. we must all rise above the political considerations and do what is right for the future of our nation. thank you, and may god continue to bless america as we celebrate our independence. >> on newsmakers, freshman kentucky senator rand paul, one of the founders of the tea party caucus. he talked about the debate over raising the debt ceiling and says he and a group of senate conservatives will filibuster next week unless the senate takes a plan to raise the debt ceiling and pass a balanced budget amendment. >> i am part of the freshmen group in the senate that is saying no more, we will not let it go to any issue if we have a say in it. next week, we will filibuster until we talk about the debt until we talk about the debt ceiling

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